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AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products launches NEW high purity shell and tube heat exchanger

星期四, 三月 21, 2019



AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products launches NEW high purity shell and tube heat exchanger

AMETEK FPP XXP280 Heat Exchanger is the latest technology for heating and cooling, corrosive and ultrapure chemicals.

Nesquehoning, PA, March 27, 2019- The AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products XXP280 heat exchanger is the latest technology for the heating and cooling, corrosive and ultra pure chemicals. The XXP280 100% Fluoropolymer construction and rugged design allows precise temperature control in extreme environments where others fail. Our unique honeycomb design allows for exceptional heat transfer rates while maintaining a high pressure capability and compact size.

What sets AMETEK FPP UHP PFA Heat Exchangers apart from others on the market? 100% UHP PFA construction of shell, bundle and fittings; void of o rings, gaskets and metal. Exceptional heat transfer rate (“U” value up 𝑡𝑜 80 𝐵𝑇𝑈/𝐻𝑅 ∗ 𝐹𝑇² ∗ °𝐹). High pressure capability (100 psig at 73F). Extremely rugged design to sustain shell-side flow rate of 60 liters/min versus the competitors units failing in one hour. A compact footprint of 3” diameter x 23” L. Low extractable and extreme corrosion resistance.

John Kowalchick, AMETEK FPP Project Engineer and XXP280 developer states, “The XXP280 UHP heat exchanger offers the perfect balance of exceptional heat transfer performance and durability while maintaining a compact footprint.”

The UHP heat exchangers are single pass, counter current designs that incorporate AMETEK’s unique honeycomb construction. They are ideal for heating and cooling ultra pure water, acids and other corrosive chemicals typically used in electronics, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor manufacture.

Corporate Profile
AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products is the leading solutions provider for extremely corrosive and ultra-high purity applications. FPP products include fluoropolymer tubing, pipe, immersion coils and shell and tube heat exchangers. In fact, AMETK FPP is the original and most experienced manufacturer of fluoropolymer heat exchangers used in the production of acids and bases, chemical processing, metal finishing, and critical processes within the semiconductor industry.


Please contact AMETEK FPP to discuss your specific process to be certain that our products are appropriate for your intended use. If you are interested in learning more about the XXP280, please call Lola Ramos at 302-382-1767, or email